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Company profile

United Chemical Products Ltd.   (UCP for short) has been set up as a petrochemical tolling company, based on oil-refining production units and natural gas processing facilities located mostly in the C.I.S. (Commonwealth of  Independent States) countries.
It has led a long way in the calamities of Russian economic and political instabilities of the 90's before being finally set up under its present name.
The precarious political and economic environment during perestrojka and post-perestrojka period did not eliminate the necessity to live, to develop and strengthen country's economy.
At the same time, from the very beginning the company took the aim to improve the overall system of production and finished products distribution inherited from the former Soviet times.
Thus the company has begun revision of the whole chain that starts at Mixed Hydrocarbon Stream supply from the oil fields in the Tumen region in West Siberia, then to Hydrocarbons to Monomer transformation, then through Polymer conversion and finally until distribution and delivery to final user's production sites which are dissipated almost all over the world.
During company's initial feasibility studies and experimental intermediate solutions back in 92-94 we have addressed most of the drawbacks of distributed production units locations, having established a reliable system of logistics, warehousing facilities, at-site quality control and effective financial system. Now the company has acquired a vertically integrated structure excluding all jamming points, gaining much better reputation on the World Market and acting in contrast to other Russian companies.


Bumazhnaja 9 str, 1 Litr.A,
190020, St. Petersburg, RUSSIA
tel.: +33177455271 ext. 231
Fax: +7 812 495-97-38

Global sales, Research & Marketing

13 av. Morane Saulnier
tel: IDD 33 1 77455271
fax: IDD 33 1 34514865
Wengophone access Nb.: +33999838539 extension 208
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