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General tolling operations

A Tolling Operations Company is a company, which has a much more active role in the manufacturing process. In our case this means that we purchase the raw materials and ensure they are taken to the factory. This raw material is only used to make products for our customers. After manufacturing of the product, a tolling company checks for quality and consistency before either shipping to our warehouse or to our customers.

Tolling manufacturing unitThis process is different than the one a trading company engages in. We can ensure the quality of the raw materials and hence the final product, we know the managers, and production people at the plant. We are ultimately much more engaged in the process than a company that simples purchase the product and ship it to the customer.

UCP finds it's market share mostly in extensive tolling production. Tolling production in the CIS nowadays has obtained several advantages, including lower production costs, assured product yield due to a financial support of the production site involved in processing, technology transfer, since most of modern requirements are transferred or directly imposed to pilot plants as well as integration within world-wide economy.

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