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The founding idea behind UCP is its totally integrated logistic service. UCP was born from the need to distribute Russian petrochemical products efficiently due to the difficult and unregulated transport service infrastructure. By controlling from A to Z the distribution of petroleum gas streams and energy to Monomer producing facilities, as well as, thedistribution of Monomers and Energy to Polymerization facilities, as well as, controlling the internal transportation of polymerized product to our own St. Petersburg Port and warehouse facility as well as dispatching goods from production direct to customer by railway we eliminate the major distribution jamming points which is essentially why Russian Companies have such a poor reputation on the World Market today.

Yet we dont stop there, we go further than that we make sure that every sack and pallet is properly sealed, marked, and packed before it leaves our warehouse. Furthermore all our merchandise is containerized right there at our warehouse which sits right on the St. Petersburg Port. Once product is containerized it is not opened until it arrives at our customers door. This ensures that product arrives as impeccable as it was when it was loaded into the container.

Moreover, in order to comply with our customers requirements, and specially by their constant search of reducing the transit time, we have inaugurated new services: The first one, consists in diversifying our consignment storage capacities to move it out of St.Petersburg. We have recently set up new hubs in other Baltic ports. It allowed us to be more flexible performing customs formalities without any delay and to be more efficient when dispatching the cargo to the Far East destinations. Our new consignment storage capacity is linked with the so-called TransSiberian Land Bridge to ship cargo direct to rail terminal at the Chinese border , or via the Far-East Russian port Vostochny to various destinations within a range including Japan and Vietnam. The second new facility that we have introduced recently consists in setting up a buffer stock at Vostochny port, in order to comply even better with the volatile market requirement for short transit time. The reason of the latter requirement is since fluctuating prices cannot support 45 to 55 days of transit time. Treating cargo this way, we are able to cut down transit time to Far-East countries by 6 times less than the usual way. As an example our transit time to China from the Baltic Sea port by conventional shipment is 55 days, by TransSiberian Land Bridge is 35 days, the same one from Vostochny port is 7 days.

UCP still keeps on searching new solutions to reach high customer satisfaction and to be continuously updated in logistics. It goes without saying that this particular function is without no doubt the key point to the recipe to make business efficient.

Furthermore we constantly keep a large buffer stock in our St. Petersburg warehouse, as well as, an additional buffer stock in Rotterdam. 100% of product is checked to make sure it meets our customers specifications and then properly segregated before it enters our warehouse. This ensures that mixing and miss marking remain impossible. SGS inspections easily available upon request.

We work only with reliable shipping companies such as SEALAND, CHO-YANG, CMA, P&O etc. to assure on time delivery from St. Petersburg port to any port in the World. Finally in many countries, if our customer desires, we can take our logistic services one step further and deliver DDP to our customers factory door. Handling the entire transportation and duty document processing so our customers only worry is producing own finished product.

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