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Supply to carpet & yarn manufacturing


Stuffing of flake caprolactam in loose sacks Three out of four plants UCP working with are producing benzene based caprolactam as per DSM (Holland) technology, conceived by Zimmer, (Germany). DSM has sold construction drafts and equipment to the former USSR and supervised plants construction with the crew of their technical specialists. On the market upraise DSM still imports some of the molten caprolactam from two plants in Molten caprolactam in heatable ISO tank containers Russia to fill the gap in their supply obligations, which speaks itself for the quality of Russian caprolactam.    The fourth plant situated in Chirchik uses toluene technology from SNIA, Italy.    UCP exports both flake and molten caprolactam. Molten is exported in 20” ISO tank containers, with the heating system to discharge preheated caprolactam into storage tanks on the arrival. After bulk trials in 1995, quality degradation has not been noticed even after deliveries to USA and Taiwan.

Caprolactam derivatives.

UCP has an option to continue tolling chain, offering polyamide 6 products. Russian units offer the whole range of PA6 derivatives from simplest virgin PA 6 resin till PA 6 yarn and fibres.

PA 6 chips textile grade.

There is still much work to do in improving packaging to reduce moisture levels on delivery, but tailor-made on-order production as per buyer’s specification as well as immediate delivery direct to converter’s site with short transit time without intermediate storage allows supply good quality chips, suitable for spinning. Chips are available both in small sacks as well as in big-bags and viscosity range is from 2.4 to 2.55 depending on customer’s order.

PA 6 chips test methods could be found here.

BCF yarn for carpet manufacturing

is produced on Italian equipment from Texima and Microfil. It proves once again the strive of Russian plants to adopt themselves to international standards. You will find here below BCF yarn types, available from UCP:
  • Stabilised: UV, light stabilised, filled with optical brightner
  • Dyed: Natural dyed, bright, dull, semi-dull, dyed and multi-coloured.
  • Texturized:Pneumatically, mechanically.
  • Section:Profile, round.
  • Nominal linear density, dtex:
    • 1250x1, 1250x2
    • 1250x1, 1250x2
    • 1300x1, 1300x2
    • 1670x1, 1670x2
    • 2500x1, 2500x2
    • 3300x1, 3300x

Staple fibre for textile and carpet yarn is available of the following types:

  • Stabilised: UV, light stabilised, filled with optical brightners.
  • Dyed: Natural dyed, bright, dull, semi-dull, dyed and multi-coloured.
  • Section: Profile, round.
  • Nominal linear density, dtex: 11 - 22
  • Fibre length, mm: 65 - 150 - 200, according to customer's demand.
  • Packing: Bales of about 230 kg, stuffed into 40" container, each is about 15-17 Mt N.W..

PA6 filament yarn for technical applications, like fishing nets, ropes, conveyor belts, cables.

  • Thermostabilisation:UV, thermostabilisation.
  • Filament colour:stabilisers give a yellowish hue.
  • Nominal linear density, dtex: 935, 1500, 1870, 2100
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