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Supply to plastics, paints & resins mfg.

Bis-phenol A

( Diphenylpropane ), polycarbonate and epoxy resin grade.


are presented by mostly general usage “bear-footed” types.


suspension and emulsion grades

PA6 chips injection moulding grade

is available in the viscosity range from 2.75 to 3.0 depending on customer’s immediate requirement. Packaging is the same as textile grade PA 6 chips.

PA 6 chips test methods could be found here.

Phthalic Anhydride

for plasticizer production is presented by the best-known quality orthoxylene grade PA. It is produced under British Petroleum technology and has long proved to be “of no problem” quality for DOP production. Phthalic anhydride produced from orthoxylene under BP technology complies with contemporary quality requirements for paint binders, such as polyester resins saturated and non-saturated.


is a welcome supplement to our product range to completely satisfy plastic compounders, especially price-wise. TiO2 has proved to be suitable for construction paints, as well as for primers and undercoats, being the most economical solution giving advantages over competitors on production costs savings.

Phenolic resins

with low free phenol content are readily available

Epoxy resins

are produced mostly for electronic applications due to their high purity, but are also available for paint resins.

Basic type phenolic resins

Furfural is on high demand now in phenolic resin production due to its unique property of 5-membered, heterocyclic ring. The principal uses of furfural are: manufacture of derivatives, selective solvent to separate saturated compounds from unsaturated, extractive distillation of C4 and C5 hydrocarbons for the manufacture of synthetic rubbers, ingredient in resins especially in phenol-aldehyde etc.
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