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PTBP ( Para Tertiary Butyl Phenol )

  • Para Tert Butyl Phenol (PTBP) is mainly used in the manufacture of PTBP formaldehyde resins for surface coating applications.
  • PTBP- formaldehyde resins find application as tackifiers for synthetic rubber and as adhesives in the tyre industry. They are also used in vulcanisation of natural and synthetic rubbers.
  • Hydrogenated PTBP is used as a basic raw material to create PTBCHA which is widely used in perfumery industry .
  • It is also used widely in the ink production.

UCP is proud to be the first to export the Russian PTBP which is currently used today by the majors resins and aromatics manufacturers worldwide ( India, Brazil, USA and Europe )

According to the applications and customers’s requirements, UCP can provide two different PTBP grades :

  • Superior grade for resins applications ( Purity of 98 % +/- 0.5 )
  • Extra grade for aromatics applications ( Purity of 99 % +/- 0.5 )

Novolak Phenol Formaldehyde resins

Phenol formaldehyde resins have long been used in the tire industry as tackifiers, reinforcers or curing agents. The phenolic tackifiers can be found in most tire compounds that require good tack for tire building purposes. The phenolic reinforcing resins are found in the tire compounds where high stiffness and hardness are needed. The reinforcing types are most often found in the tread area (cap and base compounds) and in the bead areas (bead apex and abrasion compounds). The phenolic curing resins are used to cure butyl tire curing bladders. All three types are present in the scope of UCP products. To recapitulate:

  • Phenolic tackifying resin
  • Phenolic reinforcing resin
  • Phenolic curing resin

Antioxidants, Anti-scorching agents and Intermediates

  • 4-NDPA - anti-scorching agent is used to prevent rubber masterbatches self-curing.
  • DPPD and 6PPD - polymerisation antioxidants or oxidants for rubber masterbatches to increase rubber cohesion resistance. Those two antioxidants are produced under Seiko-Kozhaki technology.
  • IPPD - same as above.
  • TMQ

Curing Accelerator

  • Stearic Acid Rubber grade

Vulcanized Rubber Recycling Agent

DE-LINK, to recycle rubber scraps, production rejects.
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